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Based on 207 customer reviews from our shopper community, Turkish Airlines’s overall rating is 2.41 out of 5 stars and 44% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. 20% of reviewers consider Turkish Airlines overall a good value option, based on a rating of 1.80 from 10 votes. The most common issues with Turkish Airlines are around Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy, Customer Service and Price & Quality based on a rating of 1.0, 1.17, 1.08 and 1.33.


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May 11, 2023
"I feel totally scammed"
I feel totally scammed. I changed my flight and then received the wrong airport in the wrong country as confirmation. I immediately called the hotline, they didn't help me, I had to pay again for the correct airport.
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May 11, 2023
"The worst airline when it comes to…"
The worst airline when it comes to food. They don't have any food options except a cheap pasta for a 10+ hour flight, despite we want to buy the food separately they say they don't have any option. no matter if you are starving you won't get any food.
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May 10, 2023
"Terrible airline"
Customer service was poor and staff are rude. A few examples... we booked business class and had reserved seats together. The seats were changed with no notification and my niece (a minor) was seated next to a stranger and my elderly disabled mum was seated 2 rows in front. The cabin crew weren't interested and actually shrugged their shoulders. My mum went to use the wc and was rudely told she should be using the economy toilet not the business class one. The food is advertised as available whenever you want, however when my daughter asked to have hers later in the flight she was told she had to eat now or not at all as the food was already being heated in the ovens, this was at 1 am on a 13 hour flight. The food was terrible and the member of cabin crew who collected my tray actually rolled her eyes at me when I said I was finished (I hadn't eaten much) I would never fly with this airline again and also would advise friends the same
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May 10, 2023
"Very clear discrimination and breaching the GDPR rules."
My fiance was leaving me and we were both under enough emotional preassure and were the first ones in the check-in line to fly from Edinburgh to Istanbul. She is a student and had purchased a student ticket for her flight and has presented all the required documents to Turkish airline at the time of purchase and most probabably they have saved it in their system. For some unknown reason, ( I might guess there was a bit of Racism was there as well since my wife had Hijab ( a clear muslim)), they insisted on showing a student card which you would not necessarily carry to airport in such a trip. We showed the translation of a "studentship letter" and they again insisted on the card itself which was back home, and it is in persian and they can not read it. they kept us there for 30 minutes, we called someone at home to take a photo of the card and we showed it to them and without any permission from us, they took photo from our phone using their camera !!! which is very against the GDPR rules.

I have travelled with Turkish airlines for 5-6 years as a student and they never had such a disgusting behaviour and I tottally believe that this was becasue of the discrimination and I woul like turkish airline to re act and apologize for this.
When you are registering as a student in the THY, they tripple check your document and there is no possibility to purchase a student ticket for anyone else except for the student owner of the account, so this behaviour was so rude and not reasonable at all.
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May 10, 2023
"Hideous airlines"
Came here to rate these airlines and found out they are already in bad condition with the ratings! Very bad experience with their employees who are very rude, stupid and only care and starve for money nothings else! I wish it will loose its profits and shuts down
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May 09, 2023
"My recent experience with TA was…"
My recent experience with TA was pleasant, I paid for economy tickets to get me from EDI - IST - then IST - Izmir, they achieved that by getting me there on time and safely so thank you TA, big mention to Sinais at the check-in at IZMIR he was an amazing help so kudos to him sorting our baggage out and getting it from there to EDI , you saved me and my wife lots of stress so thank you and TA out of all the staff I encountered he was the best,
Your planes were new and clean - A321- NEO , also your meals were very good, so thank you .

A couple of pointers check in at Istanbul airport was easy and we got our boarding pass via the self service kiosks , easy enough, however the bag drop was UTTER CHAOS, there was nobody there managing it and people were simply cutting in and tempers were rising, you need to take control of things at the airport and stop this from happening.
Lastly it feels as if your aircrew are unhappy, they all seem rather sour, never saw anyone smile and it was all rather robotic, I know I am being pedantic however its the little things that go a long way.
However like I said at the start I paid for my tickets to get me from A to B and you did that and would I fly TA again...YES I would
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May 09, 2023
"I travelled back from Instanbul to…"
I travelled back from Instanbul to London my flight number was TK1971

Today I got into a altercation concerning seating with a passenger.

I called a member of staff over who totally ignored my version of the story and completely sided with the Turkish national due to speaking the same language.

I asked to speak to a manager concerning the aggressive mans behaviour who was sat behind me. The passengers behaviour was very threatening but nothing was done about it. The manager offered to re-seat myself, elderly mother and sister if the passengers behaviour persisted.

The staff on the plane took this personally as I complained about one of their own. The service on the plane became horrific after this. All staff ignored us when it was time to offer tea and coffee. They continued to offer everyone around us with a decent service but completely ignored us until the end. They even joked with the passenger I had the altercation with after I had complained.

We were the subject of direct discrimination by the staff on the plane.

I cannot tell you how much this effected my elederly mother.

I must warn all other nationalities that if you have an argument with a Turkish national on flight Turkish airlines that they will be subjected to discrimination and ridicule by staff.

I will never travel with Turkish Airlines ever again.

I will stick with Emirates and Qatar who provide amazing service regardless of the language you speak.

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May 09, 2023
"Horrible experience!"
On the way to Israel, my flight was delayed by a staggering 4.5 hours, causing me to miss important appointments and significantly impacting the start of my trip. Similarly, on my return trip to Chicago, my flight was delayed by a full 9 hours, causing great inconvenience and frustration, as well as financial loss due to missed connections and appointments.

Furthermore, I was deeply disappointed with the lack of customer service and compensation provided during these delays. While stranded in the airport, my companions and I were offered nothing more than a coffee and cake, which was a paltry offering given that we were forced to sit through the night in the airport. Despite informing their customer service representatives that we would be stranded in Turkey for 24 hours (we thought there was only one flight a day), we received no assistance in booking another flight on another airline, and were simply told to wait until our scheduled departure time.

As a member of the Star Alliance (doesn't that mean that you can put us on another airline?), I had expected better treatment and assistance from Turkish Airlines, and I feel that the customer service that I received fell far short of what should be expected from a reputable airline.
I contacted the airline multiple times only to receive the response that the delay was not in their in control, therefore they are not obligated to compensate me for this horrible experience.
How were all the delays out of their control?? isn't that their way of getting out of helping their passangers?
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May 09, 2023
"Baggage missing 4 months no help"
Baggage missing 4 months no help. They keep saying we’ll contact u after investigation. FOUR MONTHS? STILL NO RESPONSE. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COST
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May 09, 2023
"No Boarding pass"
After checking the app and the website will not allow to print the boarding pass. Must wait 40 min at airport at 3 AM !!!! They really don t care about the passenger that they treat as cattle
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May 08, 2023
I would like to complain about the denied boarding at Istanbul airport. My final destination was Auckland via Singapore. I was at the boarding gate on time but I was informed that I do not have online tourist visa filled for NZ. I kindly asked if I can fly to Singapore as I do not need any visas there so I can fill the online visa for NZ there as this is only 10 min job and I have 10 hour layover. The agent in question called his manager and I was refused boarding the flight. I was assured that I can fill it here and board the later flight at 2:00 am. I accepted and filled the visas, valid from 08/05 for two years clearly stating 2025 as expiry date. I was expecting that I will need to pay for the next flight and started talking to the customer service agents. For some reason, they believed that my visas are valid only for one day in Auckland and totally missed the expiry correct date. They were going back and forth that I need to go to my agent who I booked the flights with, so I did, and was only sent back to the airline. I suggested that I will pay for any replacement flight or any other airline to get to Singapore and then refused that. Sudenly claiming that all my other flights on this booking are cancelled for me, any other replacement ones are fully booked and I cannot fly, and not even once accepting that they made the mistake with the date. 7 hours later and me being at the edge of a mental breakdown they accepted I can fly but couldnt find any suitable flights for me, so left me stranded at the airport. No help whatsoever. Zero
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May 07, 2023
"Bad Airline"
"I would like to express my dissatisfaction with your company and the handling of our trip on January 14th, 2023 at 2:50 pm when we were traveling to Iran and had to change flights from Copenhagen to Turkey and then to Iran. As customers who had purchased three tickets without insurance and were entitled to 25 kg of baggage each, we experienced several unfortunate incidents that ruined our travel experience.

After purchasing our tickets, money was withdrawn from our account for insurance, even though we had not requested it, and we were also charged extra for our baggage. We tried repeatedly to contact the airports in Billund and Copenhagen, as well as Turkish Airlines in Istanbul and the USA department, but unfortunately experienced great frustration and adversity until we finally reached an employee who told us to wait half an hour before everything would be sorted out. After an hour, we were directed to the check-in counter where we were supposed to get our boarding passes.

At the check-in counter, we unfortunately encountered an employee who spoke in a rude and disrespectful manner and tried to prevent us from reaching our flight. This forced us to pay twice as much as necessary for some unnecessary things, and we were sent back and forth throughout the airport without any reason.

It is with great regret that we must say that your poor service ruined our vacation experience and left a bad impression of your company. We cannot recommend your airline to anyone, and we will never fly with you again. We hope that you will take our complaint seriously and take the necessary measures to improve your service and ensure that other customers do not experience similar situations in the future."
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May 07, 2023
"Pathetic travel experience with TK airlines"
My first and worst experience of flying with Turkish airlines. The US domestic flights are better than Turkish International flights.
Extremely Limited choice of cold drinks (apple, cherry & Orange Juice and Coke)
Pathetic tasteless food. Unfortunately i ate their food on my way back to Washington DC and still have upset stomach.
From Washington DC to Istanbul i did not eat their food as the grilled chicken was hard like a rock and the breakfast is all sweet.
The crew never responded to the call as the pregnant lady sitting next to me wasn't well and she had to walk to the air hostess herself.
The cabin temperature was too hot and plane was not cleaned as there was lot of trash in the seat pocket.
I regret choosing this airline and will never recommend any of my friends to travel through Turkish airlines.
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May 06, 2023
DONT RESERVE TICKETS WITH TURKISH AIRLINES. They will steal your money. We reserved a ticket for 7 days and we were told we will get the reservation fee back if we book the tickets. Turkish airlines on the day of booking the ticket did not allow payments to go through the bank instead we had to find a sales office and go pay physical cash. They ended up taking the reservation fee because we didn’t pay on the app.
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May 06, 2023
"Catastrophic company, To Not Trust"
Catastrophic company, to not trust..
Indeed, I book for my family ( 5 Person including a baby ) to Bodrum in Turkey, then because of a mistake of wrong spelling name of the Baby when booked , all passenger was declined for departure in consequence , then for Return as well after being in our destination within new booking …. It was a nightmare with this catastrophic company we did not enjoy our vacation as supposed!
The point that earlier before our departure we noticed the company by whatapp about the wrong spelling name of the baby then we call them as well , they reassured us and ask to not be worry then to “make things easier “ as mentioned on whatapp response “ we created a family check-in counters……”
We felt confident then prepared to reach the flight earlier . It was a big surprise because up to 2:35 o’clock morning ( departure time ) on the counter desk trying to check in but refused !!! … Children disappointed, baby crying we do spend more time at the airport as we might catch up next flights belonging to the same company .... but failed !!.

Meanwhile , we didn't found any Turkish airlines representation as mentioned when arrived , just a guy who give us a hotline number of company to call for any issue . Believe that I call several time reaching the customer relation, some of them are confident as they pretend to fix the issue then ask to double check within half hour with the counter desk before departure ….. but failed !!. Others less confident as do not provide urgent solution asking to keep us in touch if possible to reschedule us for next flights……but no response ..standby !! , Others asking to write FeedBack online through website then to resolve the issue with a reference number …..NO response !!

All the night still waiting, family were upset and got tired then left the airport for some rest despite I was desperately still holding the phone for hope !!!
Finally we felt that Turkishairline are a not a credible company since they are pushing us toward mistakes then to get trapped . this fact is witnessed by their recorded hotlines calls and their incensed feedback forms and whatapp messages. .

We spend a lot budget to rebook again with other company ( Pegasus Airlines ) , but other big surprise was waiting for us , when I contact the counter Desk of this company without mercy in Istanbul airport . The surprise is to pay a penalty to maintain the return-tickets for all family , I thought they are kidding so I double check with the destination city Bodrum Turkishairlines , they are telling the same !!!, to pay about 1000 dollars to maintain booking for return !!!!!
May be I deserve more penalty in my life , to struggle at departure then Return as well !!!??……
I didn't know how to do ! since return was more urgent if not to stuck far from home , so I rebook again with other company… And I ask for refund since from the start there was issue of non assistance , I had right to change the flight even with extra-fees no problem …. but now what’s about refund !?
Finally we conclude that with Turkish Airline there is No Hope , No Trust be aware about that and about the very bad and fake online assistance and though website as well ..….
To tell to everybody and to Morgan about ..

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Yes, i do! just for curiosity why is airlines treatment for sectors from atq to mm and viz a viz, stepmother, or for better words dry , by you cabin crew? this service wipes out the great service your airlines provides from north america to turkey!!!!!!! sad, very sad.!!!!!

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